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    All Region Band Tryout information

    By admin | December 4, 2012

    All-region audition information
    All-Region auditions are this Saturday, December 8th at Maumelle High School in Maumelle, AR.

    We will be leaving by bus from Bethel at 7:15 a.m. Please have your child at the school no later than 7:00 a.m. to load the busses.

    Dress is casual school attire.

    Your child will need money for lunch at the concession area in the cafeteria.

    If you are planning on picking up your child early, you will need to sign them out in the cafeteria with our monitor. There will be a clipboard for the concert band and a clipboard for the symphonic band. Locate your child’s name on the seating chart and sign over the top of their name. ONLY PARENTS WILL BE ABLE TO PICK UP THEIR CHILDREN. Please do not put us in an embarassing situation over this. Prior arrangements must be made if this is an issue – such as a ballgame or another function. Please e-mail one of the directors so we will be able to tell our chaperones.

    Only the student may be in the audition room/rooms. Parents can stand outside and listen, but cannot go into the room.

    Students must pick up their audition cards as soon as they arrive.

    Students must sign the back of their audition sheets after they exit the audition room.

    For most instruments there are TWO audition rooms – prepared and scales/sightreading. Don’t forget to complete your audition!

    Students are not allowed to talk in the audition room – if needed, they can whisper to the room monitor.

    Students may take their own prepared material music into the audition room.

    Students may NOT take their scale sheets into either room. To do so will mean they forfeit their audition.

    It is very important that students present a good representation of Bethel Middle School – with their performances and with their behavior. This includes showing respect for Maumelle High School property and for other students and all adults.

    If you have questions or concerns, please contact a director.

    Good luck – we are proud of all of our students’ hard work!

    Gregory Gordey

    Sotonya Gordey

    Kevin Beirne

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