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    Solo and Ensemble Contest Information

    By admin | April 10, 2012

    Solo and Ensemble Contest Information
    WHEN: Friday, April 20th
    WHERE: Benton Junior High
    WHAT: Solo and Ensemble Competition
    TIME: Still working on this – should have this information on Monday – will be after school.

    All Bethel Band Students are required to participate. We have been working really hard on ensembles and solos in our band classes. Every student in the beginning band will be playing a solo and in an ensemble. All of the concert and symphonic band students are playing in at least one large ensemble, and many have chosen to play in another small group like a duet or a trio or a solo. For each event that a student has entered, the cost is $2.00. This is half of the entry fee – we will be paying the other half from the band’s activity account. Please make check’s payable to Bethel Bands (and include a driver’s license number and phone number pursuant to District policies). Fees are due by Wednesday, April 28th. Your child knows how many events they are scheduled to perform.

    We need chaperones! If you are available to come and help supervise our students, please let Mrs. Gordey know. It will be a much better location than last year – we will actually be able to turn around in the hallways, it shouldn’t be extremely hot and it’s a lot closer! The directors will be conducting the large ensembles, and we really need parents to come and help.

    Students should wear jeans and their band polo shirts. The judges will be able to see the students, so dress and grooming is important.

    Students are required to ride the bus to Benton, but parents may come and get their children when they are finished performing. There will be a clipboard in the cafeteria area for parents to sign their children out. Only the student’s parent may sign them out – unless prior arrangements have been made, in handwriting, to Mrs. Gordey – please, no e-mails or phone calls regarding this matter – this needs to be in writing…at least two days in advance. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

    Questions? Please contact Mr. or Mrs. Gordey. These students are doing great and we can’t wait to show them off!!!

    New pictures and recordings now up, as well as calendars and information – sign up for text and e-mail alerts!

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