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  • Why Private Lessons?

    1. You get answers to your questions and instruction tailored to your specific needs. With private lessons, you can choose the direction you want to take — you are not limited by the “one size fits all” format of the classroom and books. You get exactly the information you need, when you need it.
    2. You get the personal attention that only a live instructor can provide. No computer program can watch you play and correct the curve in your fingers or adjust the angle of your wrist for maximum performance. A good instructor will also pick up on equipment and setup problems that may be needlessly blocking your progress.
    3. You learn how to practice effectively. Under the guidance of a good teacher you’ll learn the right way to practice. You can correct your mistakes right away and achieve your musical goals that much faster.
    4. You stay motivated. Staying motivated is key to achieving your musical goals. Nothing is more motivating than the one-on-one relationship between you and a teacher who cares about your progress and is committed to seeing you reach your potential.
    5. You get results. Results are the bottom line — and the surest path to having serious fun with your playing.

    In Short:

    You could try to make it on your own … but private lessons will get you there MUCH FASTER !!!

    Private Lessons are essential to the development of quality musicians. In a poll of Arkansas All State band musicians three years ago, over 75% of the all-state musicians were enrolled in private lessons during the school year. It is interesting to note that this number increased to 100% for the First Chair or Principal players in the First Band.

    Click here for a list of quality private teachers in the area that we would recommend to any of our students. We encourage your child’s participation in a private lesson program.